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Artist Profile

My work has developed from testing the waters on how far you can go with using animals in art, to 
researching how animals interact with art mediums, to develop into the world of social media and 
catering to a Generation Z audience through YouTube. This has been 
achieved through recording my interactions with animals themselves, and their interactions with 
new situations, then further turning those into short films and “vlog” style videos.

My work demonstrates what it is like to struggle in the practicality of being an artist, a researcher, and it captures the reality of making work, things go 
wrong, a most noteworthy standpoint being that it records my humourus hands-on approach to 
problem. It gives a VIP access ticket into an artist’s mind to show that art is rarely a smooth
operation which is what is currently being shown online.
My biggest passions in life are for entertainment and education. It is common for people to go to 
sources of comedy or fantasy to take them away from the pressures of every day life, and I would 
like to be a source for that, while teaching them something along the way, be it useful or completely 
useless information.

In my spare time I enjoy observing birds and bugs in my back garden, or out in forests and nature reserves. I freaking love bugs. 


About The Artist: Bio
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